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Bedford is a popular, charming community with a bustling shopping district, and an inviting downtown core.  With the location being on the shores of the Bedford Basin, the stunning views catch the eyes of both commuters, and families. 

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Location of Bedford

The town of Bedford is a suburban community situated on the western shore of the Bedford Basin and part of the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM). Bedford is also located only approximately 15 kilometres from downtown Halifax, and is easy accessible by car or by on of the several bus routes operated by Halifax transit which provides convienient acccess to down all areas of the HRM.

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Scenic Beauty

Located on the shores of the Bedford Basin,  Bedford is also surrounded by forests and nature trails, and is ideal for all outdoor enthusiasts. 

Cost of Living

Bedford tends to be a more expensive place to live, with high housing costs, a lot of oceanview properties and a higher cost of living.

Convenient Location

Bedford is located just a short drive away to the city of Halifax, making it easy to access all necessities and many job opportunities.

Limited Job Opportunities

While Bedford does have its selection of shops, this area is mostly residential, making job options slim compared to neighbouring city, Halifax.

Quality Education

Bedford has an amazing selection of schools, which offers high-quality education to people of all ages.

Traffic Congestion

This area is prone to traffic congestion during rush hours, especially on the main roads leading to Halifax.

Community Spirit

Bedford is a very close community with a strong sense of community spirit. The area is home to many events and activities throughout the year.

Harsh Winters

Along with the rest of the atlantic provinces, Bedford also experiences harsh, bone-chilling winters.


Bedford,  overall is a safe community, with friendly neighbours, high level of police presence and low crime rate, Bedford rarely sees crime.

Limited Nightlife

Bedford is a more family oriented, quieter community, with limited options for night life, its only a hop and a skip to Halifax!

Home Styles In Bedford Area

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 Contemporary-style homes are becoming more common in Bedford,  featuring clean lines, open-floor plans and large window to maximize natural lighting.  This style is perfect for a person looking for a home with a sleek, modern look.



Split-level homes feature multiple levels that are half a floor apart, often with the primary living area on the main level and bedrooms on the upper or lower levels. This is a popular homestyle for families.



Bungalows are a common choice for those folks looking for one-level living. The homes in Bedford feature simple, functional designs, low-pitched roofs and front porches.


Bedford, Nova Scotia is home to a number of excellent schools, including public, private, and Catholic institutions. Here are some of the most notable schools in the area:

 A public school that offers classes from Primary to Grade 5.

A private school that focuses on high academic standards and individualized learning. Available from grades primary to 12.

Public school that offers education from grades 10-12.

 A French immersion school. Offers classes from Primary to Grade 12.

These are two schools that offer programs to all ages with all different learning needs. Including behavioural, and alternative programs.

Places of Interest

Bedford is a beautiful community that has a range of unique and interesting attractions. Whether youre a history buff, into nature or shopping, Bedford has something for everyone.

The Bedford Waterfront is a very popular pit-stop for locals and visitors. This waterfront offers priceless views of the Bedford Basin and often has a range of outdoor recreational activities going on!

The Scott Manor House is a historic home that has been restored to its original 18th-century condition, and is now a museum. Built between 1769-1772 you can visit this stunning historic property that features period furnishings, artwork and many old artifacts. 

This is a beautiful park that features a pond, picnic areas as well as beautiful walking trails. Also, a fish hatchery that raises and releases trout into local waterways.

The Bedford Place Mall and Sunnyside Mall are both popular shopping destinations that features a variety of specialty restaurants, retailers and services.

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